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Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2008
From: Michael Copeland and Matthew Sherborne

Hey, Matthew and Michael here...

We want to congratulate you on making the valuable choice to discover exactly how YOU can get more website traffic, using popular social media websites

Social marketing is a virtual goldmine for people who know how to use it the right way...

For everyone else, they are dead in the water... Want to know why?

social media marketing

Order the "Social Media Formula" .: How to Target Popular Social Media Sites and Get Floods of Traffic!" online multimedia course today, and discover...

dot Step #1: How to create a plan that gives you a clear focus on your social media goals that generates results! You'll discover how to setup a customer value outline to recognize and target your market.

dot Step #2: Put your unique spin on your opportunity. Learn how to find the talkers, advocates and guru's in your niche to propel your word of mouth marketing.

dot Step #3: Get ready to get social by using the law of reciprocity, sharing value and knowing your customer — Guranteed to Increase Your Profits!

dot Step #4: Determine what your target market responds to and morph your profile and content to replicate their wants and desires. This tactic alone will maximize your income and give you an unfair advantage.

dot Step #5: Leverage the power of the biggest sites on the internet to get your message in front of thousands... Harness the secrets of social interations to literally blast your content to the people who want and need what you have to offer!

And so much more!

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It's because Internet Marketing is a War!

And chances are, if you are reading this today, it's a war you are losing. You see, on the internet the odds are stacked against you...

The Truth About Using Social Networks to Super-Charge Your Online Earnings!

Without the right weapons, and better yet, the right strategy, you are going to lose - Plain and simple!

Right now many successful online millionaires and savvy marketing gurus know something you don't!

They are counting on you NOT taking the absolutely necessary steps you need to make your social marketing campaigns successful.

They hope you will stay in the dark, because their number one tactic is online misinformation, and propaganda.

I can practically hear them cackling right now... All the way to the bank.

They are winning this war against you, because you don't even know what they're really doing.

While they have got you running from opportunity to opportunity, you are completely missing it...

...You need to do as they do, not as they say!

Would You Like the Answer to Building a Massive Income Through Social Networks?

To succeed with the social web you need to have the confidence and know-how to compete in this fast-growing marketplace of ideas. You have to embrace the conversation and...encourage it.

All lines and boundaries are washed away by the web...

In other words you need to harness the power of your own social message.

One that's so powerful it can't be ignored. In fact it could easily and completely transform your online business, starting today!

It's what I like to refer to as the emergence of the relationship economy!

Businesses no longer have any way to control what consumers read, say, or how they use these brand new Web 2.0 technologies.

What people are talking about and posting on social bookmarking sites, blogs, wikis and social networks is completely out of their control.

The only way to influence this conversation is to join it, and become one of the New Social Influencers...

By becoming part or the conversation, contributing to it and gaining trust and recognition, people will take your message and pass it along to others.

In effect you will use social leverage to virally pass your message on to hundred and possibly thousands of people overnight.

"Digital Influence Has Arrived"

"Where's the allure of social 2.0? Brands can talk . . . customers talk louder! Digital influence has arrived."

jefftJeff Taylor, Founder of Monster.com

But, it gets even better...

This exact thing is happening - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Online. The best part is -- anybody can take part in it

It just takes the right tools, and the right knowledge. Neither of those are particularly hard to get, because I'm making them both available to you right here.

If you are not embracing these technologies and encouraging others to share and working collectively with others, you will not survive for long.

Don't let this information fall into the hands of your competitiors.

Michael Copeland, and I have just teamed up to share with each other our special techniques for dominating social networking and automatically creating cash flow to any blog or website!

Now, we are sharing these profitable social media traffic secrets with YOU! You are about to discover the techniques that will Generate Massive Amounts of Visitor Traffic to Your Web Pages!

But, it gets even better... Once you turn on these amazing traffic generating techniques, it doesn't stop!

"You Have All the Advantage"

If you're attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn't, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased successand income.

jayabrahamJay Abraham

If you are like I was, sick and tired of putting your heart and sweat into your webpages and not getting any traffic, then this is exactly what you need!

It's happened to me way too many times. You work hard to get content on your site, then no one shows up to read it, what a waste.

Now... There is no need to worry about it anymore.

All of your blog or web pages can now be instantly made to go to work for you. Not only that, but it doesn't take any money. You can use this technique to instantly begin generating tons of visitors to your website.

You Can Get Massive Amounts of
Social Bookmarking Traffic!

Look at this little website that was chugging along and getting a cute 40 to 70 visitors a day. Once I turned on some social bookmarking magic, it literally exploded in popularity!

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social blast

What Would You Pay for This Kind of Traffic?

"Most Comprehensive, Easiest to Understand, Information on Social Media Marketing I Have Ever Read"

The step by step, most comprehensive, easiest to understand, information on Social media marketing I have ever read and that is saying a lot since I read everything I can find on social media.

I wish I had this information when I was first starting out trying to figure out how Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, etc, etc was going to work for me in promoting my websites and information. I knew all the gurus were using these sites and getting traffic from them. I just did not know how. Well I do now!

Need help finding the perfect tags to use? Your ebook gave me the exact tool to do the research and find the best tags for my niches. That one piece of information alone will be a great help in any of my promotions.

And you have filled the book with tips and tricks like this right along side some very high quality information on exactly what to do with the social media sites. I just wanted to say thanks for demystifying the complexities of how to use social bookmarking and other social sites in the marketing of my own niches, your information has been a real eye opener and will be put to use today!

Daniel Beatty

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Have you seen all those books and course claiming that Pay-Per-Click Is the fastest way to generate extreme profits?

Well, if you had to pay for this traffic on Google Adwords at .10 cents a click it would cost you a fortune.

In fact at ten cents a pop this amount of traffic would cost ($1080) one thousand and eighty dollars. The problem is, it's almost impossible to pay .10 cents a click anymore.

More likely this type of traffic would cost anywhere from .20 cents to .50 cents a click, costing you anywhere from $2160 to $5400 dollars, and up!

But, you know what this traffic cost me...

Yep, you guessed it...nada, nilch, zero

Now here's a question for YOU...

Would you be interested in paying $2000 to $5000 dollars for this amount of traffic, or would you rather get it all for FREE?

Ok, maybe that's a no brainer.

If you were to rinse and repeat the results above, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out the results...

You would be making enough income from social marketing website traffic to quit your day job, or avoid paying for advertising, ever again.

That weekend was absolutely amazing. This little website was getting more traffic and sales then ever before.

Then come Monday morning, it happened.

I was Shocked to Discover...

This website got so much traffic over the weekend, it Blew Up My Website's Server Limit!


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Well, I can tell you from experience that having a website use too much bandwidth is actually better than having a poor unknown website that no one ever see's.

I had to scramble to get my website back up so it could continue making money. Because by now, I was beginning to really love the amount of money coming in, and there was no way I wanted it to stop!

How would you like this kind of social bookmarking success for yourself?

green arrow The Benefits of Social Bookmarking Traffic

bookmarking benefits

green arrow It's Free or Low Cost

Submitting your web page content is absolutely free to do yourself. If you’d like to simplify your submissions you can pay someone to submit for you, or purchase software to automate the process.

green arrow Get Valuable Backlinks to Your Website

It's a simple fact that the more high quality incoming links you build pointing to your pages the

"Grab Power From Companies "

"Consumers are using technology to grab power from companies, the media, and the government."

georgecolonyGeorge F. Colony, CEO, Forrester Research Inc.

more trust search engines will give your website.

By getting high page rank social bookmarking sites linked to your website you'll eventually boost your own sites PR score. This will allow you to become an authoritative site.

This type of site is worth much more money to potential buyers, by selling links or just pointing to

other websites you own to get them good rankings as well.

The more good backlinks you have the more Google Page Rank you get. This all means more search engine clout, and in turn visitor traffic.

green arrow Increase Your Targeted Traffic

You can select the keyword tags you'd like to associate with your site. This anchor text is scanned by the search engine spiders and returns extra weight for your site for those keywords in the

"Social Networks Are All About Human Interaction"

"Using online social networks for business and professional advancement requires more than just understanding the technology. Social networks are all about human interaction.

awat Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D.,
Owner, Searching for Profit

natural search engine results.

Not only that, but visitors to the bookmarking site can search popular keyword tags and find your site leading to increased visitor traffic. When they visit, many will go on to bookmark your site themselves leading to additional traffic and backlinks.

green arrow Get to the Top of Google

I Get Top Search Engine Ranking All the Time... How About You?

I touched on this a minute ago, but getting high quality one way links to your website pages is a sure fire way to get first page Google search engine results.

It's the main factor in how your site ranks in popularity and can mean the difference between single digit visitors and thousands of daily visitor traffic to your site.

When you tag your website with related keywords in social bookmarking sites you'll benefit from added keyword weight, increasing your search engine results.

"More People Listening to Your Message and They Can Start Spreading Your Message to Other Places! "

Hey, Matthew Detrick here and I want to tell you about my personal experience with Social Bookmarking Traffic. It's eleven powerful modules that make up the course.

My personal story was one of the things that Mike and Matt talk about in here which references Twitter, which is a powerful microblogging platform.

You might be thinking, well how is that cool for you and your business?

Whatever message you have to get out to people, there's more people listening to your message and they can start spreading your message to other places.

Pretty freaking awesome- right!

matthewMatthew Detrick

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green arrow Quick Search Engines Indexing

Fast search engine indexing is important to get your pages in to the search engines as quick as possible.

Bookmarking alerts the search engines that you have new content because once you submit to these authority sites they come to spider your content and add it to their results.

green arrow Leverage Viral Marketing

This one’s a biggie and will mean the difference between submitted content that falls flat and submissions that explode.

Its viral marketing and it can result in a massive flood of visitors to your website.

So much traffic in fact that the phenomenon has been known to shut down web servers cold

Trust me, you want this…And don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get your share of it in later.

green arrow More Conversions Means More Money

Oh yeah, here’s the best reason why you should use these sites…All these actions mean more conversions for whatever you’re selling online.

Whether you’re monetizing your site by selling a product, service, affiliate offer, or just featuring advertising, you’ll make more money.

green arrow Social Bookmarking Is Enormous

There's no denying that social bookmarking sites are useful for helping you store your favorite links, share them and bookmark them for others to find.

social porn

This kind of promotional activity can lead to increased website traffic, authority status and publicity.

The more people who can find your links through social bookmarking sites the more potential your links have for being shared.

By adding keyword tags to your posting they can be easily found through social bookmarks and search engines.

Often people will also contribute to tagging the links you submit which in turn leads to greater exposure.

Some social sites even go so far as to cluster these social bookmark tags into word clouds based on related keywords. On Social bookmarking sites visitors even have the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds based on different tags.

Subscribing to keyword tag feeds gives you the latest information every time it is published with the specific tag you've subscribed to.

By now you may be seeing the reason they are so popular. If you're not using them yet, ask yourself what you’re waiting for.

Submitting to these bookmarking sites is easy and the reward can be very high.

"Thanks for Providing Such a Truly Valuable Blueprint to Follow!"

Well Done! You've managed to compile the most exhaustive resource for navigating the entire social media landscape that I've ever seen! It would be practically impossible to create a more comprehensive roadmap for a totally diversified social media traffic strategy.

Anyone who is looking to create a stable and powerful social media presence would be well served to study and apply your techniques. I'll be using this as a personal reference guide and recommending it to my friends, business partners and connections.

Thanks for providing such a truly valuable blueprint to follow!

Brian Campbell
Viral Marketing & Conversion Expert


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Here's some of what you'll learn inside this step-by-step course...

"Social Media Formula Volume One.
Social Bookmarking Traffic "

The Social Media Formula Volume One has over 100 pages of the most powerful backlink and traffic building secrets Discover the best ways to maximize visitor traffic to your new, current or future website faster than you ever thought possible.

social bookmarking formula

arrow Secrets to Social Bookmarking Success

arrow How to Avoid the Time Wasters Most People Have With Social Media (If You Don't Know This You're Losing Money)

arrow How to Select the Right Social Bookmarking Sites to Use For Your Market

arrow How to Use Social Bookmarking to Build Backlinks Quickly & Easily

arrow My Personal Favorite... Tactics to Flood Your Website With Massive Social Bookmarking Traffic!

Click Here for Access Right Now!

arrow How to plug your business! Techniques and tips you can use to market of popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, blogs and other social networking sites.

arrow How to structure your content so it get maximum traction and publicity. Use viral marketing and social media to reach directly to your customers.

arrow The hidden power of social networks... Find out how you can instantly take a popular trend, dominate Google results... and make a lot of money!

Social Media Formula Training Videos


Video 1 - Overview

In this video you'll get a walkthrough of the ten steps in the Social Media Formula.

This way you'll have a complete understanding of the process from the ground up, as well as show you the action steps you need to take to succeed.

create your plan

Video 2 - Create Your Plan

One of the most important steps you can make is deciding your long term goals and writing them down.

Without these goals you are setting yourself up for failure. Goal setting is what sets the opportunity seekers apart from the real business owners.

social domination

Video 3 - Social Domination

In this video, we’ll talk about the mindset needed for social domination of the popular social bookmarking sites. This is important so you set things up right from the very beginning for success. Get this wrong and you won't get the results you should..

getting social

Video 4 - Getting Social

Social means interacting with others. An effective way to do this is by sharing advice, information and things people will find useful. Creating value with your submissions will generate immediate approval from your friends.

social profiles

Video 5 - Social Profiles

In this video will be talking about the proper way to set up your profile to appeal to your target market. Your social profile is important because it gives viewers a glimpse into what you are all about.

build leverage

Video 6 - Building Leverage

Building friends is a vital part of a successful social bookmarking campaign. The quickest way to set up and get a social profile off the ground is to start with the people you currently know, plus you want to...

keyword selection

Video 7 - "Keyword Selection"

Finding the right keywords to use for your submissions are imperative to get the best results possible.

In this video we’re going to talk about things to do before your submission. Primarily these are actions you can do before you write a single word of content on your blog, or website.

content fundamentals

Video 8 - Content Secrets

To be the most successful at posting to social bookmarking sites, you have to know a few things about setting up your content.

I call them fundamentals because without knowing this, you won’t get the same results in your online marketing.

bookmarking submission

Video 9 - Social Bookmarking Tactics

There are social bookmarking sites that are more ideally suited for certain category submissions than others. You should always try to submit your posts to the sites where they will get the most traction. When it comes to posting the top techniques are...

automate bookmarking

Video 10 - Automate Your Social Bookmarking

Automating your bookmarking with valuable social bookmarking software saves you huge amounts of time and gets you more results quicker.

Here are the best ways you can automate your social bookmarking submissions and...

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Social Bookmarking Toolbox

social toolbox

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The Social Bookmarking Toolbox gives you printable process guides that you can use to track and maximize your online activities.

Here's some of what's included inside:
  • My Master Checklist
  • My Social Bookmarking Goals
  • My Social Bookmarking Objectives
  • Customer Value Outline
  • My Business Plan
  • My Personal and Business Goals
  • Commitment to Action


Social Media Formula Backlink Sites

backlink sites

(Valued at $47)

This little beauty will be the secret weapon in your social marketing arsenal. It's the Social Media Formula's List of backlink Sites. This ones a killer because it will show you exactly where to bookmark your website for maximum PageRank potential.

As you probably know, getting high quality backlinks is the key to getting to the top of Google search results. Want a first place spot for a high trafficked keyword phrase? The sites on this list wil help make it happen

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Social Media Formula Process Maps

process maps

(Valued at $47)

If you want a step by step printable guide to walk you through each step of social marketing look no further. These valuable process maps give you a complete overview of each critical step to take in order to ensure your success.

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StumbleUpon Traffic

process maps

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Get your copy of StumbleUpon Traffic today, check out the secrets to getting huge amounts of website traffic and find out how you can get your own website in front of he eyes of hundreds and even thousands of visitors right now!

Special Bonus #1 - $19.00 Value
"StumbleUpon Exposed"


With StumbleUpon Exposed you can get methods to:

  • Turn website visitors in to buyers

  • What NOT to do on Stumble

  • How to design landing pages that get results

  • Methods you can use to capture the attention of Stumble traffic

Special Bonus #2 - $19.00 Value
"Social Networking Traffic
With StumbleUpon Video "

stumbleupon video

With this StumbleUpon traffic video you'll be able to watch step-by-step, how to use the popular social networking site to receive traffic to your websites.

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Social Media Viral Marketing Course

Social Viral Course

(Valued at $37)

This is a series of six videos describing Viral Marketing Techniques and Tactics on Social Media sites. These techniques along with this entire Gold Package will definitely arm you with the amunition you need to drive Massive amounts of traffic to your sites!

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Ready to Get YOUR Share of Social Bookmarking Traffic?

Sure you've seen every other internet marketing guru's list of top social bookmarking websites.

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If you own a website or are looking for new ways to profit from the huge rush of people using social media, then this course is for you.

You are making a decision that is going to jump-start your online traffic generation efforts quicker than you ever dreamed imaginable. You and I both know you are ready for it.

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I'm only charging $67 and not more, because as my valued subscriber I want you to benefit from these powerful techniques.

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These tactics have the ability to significantly transform your online earnings, and are well worth the small investment .

Getting huge amounts of website traffic is an exciting experience and making money online is something I want everyone to experience.

The reason I'm not just giving this away is because the unfortunate truth is, people undervalue free information. By making this course affordable it will motivate anyone who truly is serious about earning money to invest in their education.

Anyone who's not serious enough to spend $67 is probably not going to ever use the info anyways... But, just to make sure there is absolutely no reason to pass this up, here's the guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk Free 30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

GUARANTEE: Social Media Formula is backed with my money back guarantee. Try these amazing traffic generating techniques for a full 30 days. Take your time to apply them at your own leisure. If this program is not everything that I say it is, I will personally refund the price of this program. It's that easy!

That's more than a guarantee, that's my promise to you.signature

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seth godin

"Good Marketing Encourages the Right Sort of Conversations "

"Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations."

Seth Godin

Win in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Social networking using these powerful Web 2.0 sites is not going away. If you're confused, or not seeing results with social media, you owe it to yourself to get this valuable information. Order right now or risk being left behind!

"The Results I'm Getting from Social Media Marketing Are Amazing!"

Wow, your Social Media Formula really showed me what I was doing wrong. From setting up my content to where I was submitting my website.

The Social Media Formula showed me exactly what to do and the results I'm getting from social media marketing are amazing!

Great job, on putting together an easy to understand blueprint for social media success!

Thank you!

Richard Thomas

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There is soo much massive value packed into this incredible social bookmarking course. You will learn techniques you didn't even know existed and be able to profit from your blog or website like never before!

Are you fed up of having people tell you to "take action", but have no idea how to do it?

If you are serious... and want to find out exactly how to instantly generate a massive flood of visitors to your blog or website you will be excited to see how easy it can using these popular social bookmarking sites!

To your social marketing success!

Matthew Sherborne & Michael Copeland

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